Our Team

tammy-grahamTammy Graham

Tammy is more than just the “G” in WG and a partner to Terri. She represents organization, creativity, spreadsheet making at its finest and a sense of humor in most any situation. Though you’ll find Tammy working most of the time simply because she loves our work and our clients, she maintains a work / life balance with a consistent yoga practice, and frequent “glamping” trips in the great outdoors.

terri-weisbordTerri Weisbord

The “W” in WG. There are so many W words that apply to Terri, winner, wise, witty, sometimes wacky, but always willing… to go above and beyond for our clients. Terri’s sense of loyalty to anyone she knows or represents in business is unparalleled. She will do whatever it takes to make clients succeed. When Terri isn’t negotiating a wicked deal or producing an award-winning television spot, you’ll find her on the slopes with her family for some winter weather fun.

bill-selfinBill Seldin
Graphic Artist

Bill joined Team WG in 2009 as our graphic design needs expanded. Bill mastered his craft during his extensive work for big agencies and Fortune 500 corporations in Miami, FL. Not only is Bill a design master, but he is the master of all things yoga. Bill spends much of his time standing on his hands, which gives him a unique perspective on the world. We are thrilled to work with Bill, aka Yoga artist.

Irene Mendelsberg
Graphic Artist

Since 2004, Irene has been instrumental in helping WG secure big clients with her incredible artistic talents. Not only can Irene whip up amazing logos and ads, she can whip folks on the tennis court with her tricky double handed back hand and forehand. Besides winning on the court, Irene has helped WG win over 20 creative design awards.

laura-robertsLaura Roberts
Media Director

Laura joined WG in 2007. A true softie at heart, she brings incredible organization, follow-through, and over 30 years of buying expertise to WG. Laura is a huge asset to WG, buying millions of dollars a year and keeping it all in check (double and triple checked actually). When Laura isn’t walking her cool dog Spot, she is spot-on the best buyer any agency could ask for.

shannon-linneShannon Linne
Business Manager

Shannon was the first to jump on the WG bandwagon in 2001 handling all the payables and receivables, once the numbers got too big for T and T to add up on their own. When Shannon isn’t counting beans for WG, you’ll find her doing a 360 on her waterskis!

Madison TaylorMadison Taylor
Marketing and Advertising Specialist

Madison joined the WG team in 2018 as a recent graduate from Florida State University with a degree in Advertising. Madison’s young and vibrant perspective provides the fresh mindset that keeps WG at the forefront of the newest industry trends. Madison specializes in digital advertising and graphic design due to her extensive background in the arts. Madison is involved with the agency in all aspects because we can’t keep this cool cat limited. Her growth potential is astonishing. When Madison isn’t working on constructing cutting edge advertising strategies, she enjoys her own creative time by painting, drawing and fabulous photography.


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