Campaign Planning

Our plan development process begins with complete understanding of your goals and well-researched information about your target audience and their habits. As business changes, non-traditional tactics, such as web-based and digital programs, grassroots efforts, must enhance traditional marketing mediums and well-thought-out public relations/promotional plans. We delve deeply into how a message must be delivered to each audience segment. Different versions of the campaign may be needed to reach different population segments effectively.

On our team, everyone plays a role in the creative process. We all have complementary creative abilities. We have successfully branded many organizations from initial research for campaign direction, to campaign execution and follow up. We believe in setting clear cut goals prior to the outset of a campaign and judging our progress at each step. We set realistic project timelines and we multitask well.   Each campaign we execute has many elements that must all come together in a timely fashion. Our clients will attest to the fact that we do what it takes and work the hours necessary to finish a project in a manner that exceeds expectations.


Project Description

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